The Don’ts of Queries

The Don’ts of Queries

Don’t query an agent that doesn’t represent your genre/category.

Don’t query an agent that is closed to queries.

Don’t send it without a critique.

Don’t ask, “Would you like to read more?” A query letter already implies this by nature.

Don’t include irrelevant information (especially not in the mini synopsis).

Don’t talk about yourself more than you talk about the book (short bio).

Don’t be rude, sexist, racist, or any other offensive “ist.”

Don’t shop more than one project to an agent at the same time. Wait for a response to your first query, and then submit the next.

Don’t pitch more than one book within the same letter. Remember, one query letter (email, submissions form, envelope) per book.

Don’t query every agent alive at the same time.

Don’t CC, BC or any other C in which you’re mass mailing a query.

Don’t put yourself down. Professional people do not do this.

Don’t put other writers down, or bash their books *especially published ones. Professional people do not do this.

Don’t use colloquialisms, regional vernacular, or improper word usage, spelling or grammar when addressing the agent. Hey, what’s up? I hopped across your page and decided to holla and hitchu up with one of my fave queries. It’s totes awesome.

Don’t forget to personalize.

Don’t be too chummy.

Don’t be afraid to succeed.

Don’t be afraid to fail.

Don’t waste your evening reading this—go query someone.